Weekly Progress Report #1

Project 1:

Content Team has Level 11 blueprints posted, final level blueprints written but not yet complete and are redoing some of the skipped levels and hopefully will have Level 5 complete this week.

Programming Team has added to the Template project the physics engine from Project 1 and working to get the Level class with data file parsing complete soon so that other Projects may get started.
Graphics Team is getting started with its members creating Trello accounts and will be working together during the next meeting.
Sound Team has a potential track for the early levels which still needs more work. The sound team plans to meet sometime this weekend or the beginning of next week to put more time in getting the instrumentals right.
Project 2:
The team has planned out most of the game and are meeting on Monday to discuss how to make it.
Project 3:
The team has gotten the basic outline of the story, characters, and gameplay mechanics and are waiting for the Template code. They will work out some of the high level classes next meeting, partition the workload and are aiming to build a minimum viable product by the end of the quarter.

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