Weekly Progress Report #2

Project 1
They’ve completed approximately a third of Level 5 blueprints and has worked with the sound team on sound effects and music.
Level 5 is still a work in progress.
For next week they will finish Level 5 and will work with the graphics team.

They’ve figured out potential fix for crashing issue on Mac and some other small bugfixes.
They’re still working out cross-platform bugs, level designs, and creating/finding an online to-do list to integrate with Slack.

They met with the content developers to better understand the game’s mood and visuals. To keep things organized, they’ve also compiled a list of in-game sounds and music tracks they will need to create.
They are each working on a set of sounds or a level track of their choice.
For next week they plan to have a demo track ready to be presented.

Mostly everyone is all set with their trello/slack account. Some progress with the art has been made; the Table is completed.
Currently they are working on sprites for first aid kit, air vent, Lilith, Nina character art, etc designs.
For next week instead of arbitrarily picking objects to design/sprite, they will discuss the general setting and feel of level 1 and work towards completing the art for that level, and specific tasks will be assigned.

Project 2
They planned out most of the mechanics for the game.
They are going to meet on Monday to make sure that all of the programmers who missed the meeting Wednesday are familiar with the game engine.

Project 3
They integrated new members into the team, figured out what workload needs to be partitioned, and set expectations for members.
They are currently putting everyone into teams and getting everyone onto Slack and BitBucket. They’ll make sure everyone has all the tools before the meetings.
For next week they will read and understand the Template code on BitBucket; learn how to create a GameObject and how the GameObject class works; learn how drawing graphics works; plan out a style guide that all programmer should follow; look into a color palette, theme and logo; and if there’s time: Build a basic layout/style for all UI elements; figure out edge cases and possible test cases; work closely with the other coding teams to figure out what can go wrong; and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the template code.

Project Card Game
They were able to get the template going in the Codelite IDE using the MinGW compiler on Windows. They also discussed various GUI classes that could be created and studied the template classes. They are primarily in the planning phase and will be for one more week.
Their first goal is to create GUI classes such as Button, Label, Window, Panel, and Chatbox. Since the card game will be primarily composed of GUI elements, it is important to get a clean, organized backend. They will likely be developing the backend for all of Fall quarter.

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