Weekly Progress Report #3

Project 1

Last week, fixed laser bugs, pillar falling the wrong way, and implemented checkpoint save notification.
Currently working on enemies with spotlights, implementing more levels, fixing level editor bugs, and working on level 4-0.
For next week, finish the layout for level 4-0 and start adding enemies to level 4-0.

Last week, mainly worked on designing the backgrounds and objects for the first few screens of level 1.
Currently working on level 1 backgrounds, Lilith sprite, and Nina character art.
For next week, conduct a discussion on the completed designs and start spriting finished designs.

Last week, completed up to screen 31 of level 5
Currently completing level 5.
For next week, going to get started on level 6

Last week, all members completed a draft piece.
Currently continuing where they’ve left off and polishing the drafts.
For next week, share and give feedback to updated drafts.

Project 2

Last week, met up to teach the programmers who missed the tutorial on using the game engine.
Currently continuing to make sure the programmers are comfortable using the game engine and are also still ironing out some of the design of the game.
For short term goals: create wall and allow player / automatically moving object to collide with it; learn how to load a texture from a file; spawn object (bullet) with button; rotate player to face mouse; more design stuff.

Project 3

Last week, set up teams and assignments.
Currently reading and understanding the Template code on bitbucket, learning how to create a GameObject and how the GameObject class works, learning how drawing graphics works, looking into a color palette, theme and logo, and building a basic layout/style for all UI elements
Also planning out a style guide that all programmers should follow.

Project Card Game

Currently working on GUI classes.
For next week, get a few classes committed to BitBucket.
And the team is open for more members.

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