Weekly Progress Report #4

Project 1

Currently working on level 1 backgrounds, Lilith sprite, and Nina character art.
For next week, conduct a discussion on the completed designs and start spriting finished designs.

Last week, fixed bugs with enemies, added new enemies, made progress on level 4, and level editor doesn’t crash anymore.
Currently working on implementing levels and testing new enemies.
For next week, finish level 4 gameplay wise and start level 8.

Currently working individual pieces.
For next week, update one another and track everyone’s progress.

Currently completing level 5.

Project 2

Last week, completed moving the robot with arrow keys, loading image for sprite, rotating robot to follow mouse cursor, and creating a game object with button (bullet).
Currently working on bullet class, UI and collisions with walls.

Project 3

Project Card Game

Currently working on GUI classes and will continue on for next week.

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