Weekly Progress Report #5

Project 1

Last week finished designing several backgrounds for level 1.
Currently working on level 1 backgrounds, Lilith sprite, and Nina character art.
For next week, finish a few object sprites.

Last week, implemented bomb planting for level 4, added dialogue to level 4, a couple of other small game mechanics, and bug fixes.
Currently working on level 4 and enemy AI.
For next week, possibly start level 8.

Last week, another ambient theme track was completed, however it is still a draft and needs polishing.
Currently working on individual pieces.
For next week, update one another and track everyone’s progress.

Finished level 5 and half of level 6.
Continuing progress on level 6 and will be finishing up level 6 for next week.

Project 2

Last week, completed moving character in a map.
Currently working on bullets, basic game mechanics, and level design.
For next week continue to work on the game mechanics.

Project 3

Will be discussing more on project management.

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