Collaborative Game Development Constitution

Statement of Purpose:

Our club’s main focus is to develop games as a team. Club members will collaborate together to create a variety of games. Our club is open to anyone that has an interest in creating games. We want to reach out to not only game programmers but to graphic artists, musicians, story writers, game testers, etc. Even for those who have no experience in game development, our club will be an open and encouraging environment to share ideas and to collaborate to create a worthwhile product. Our club’s purpose promotes leadership abilities, communication skills, individual skills, and social cooperation. Club members will learn to create games through their peers, and through trial and error. During the production of a game there will be a project manager that oversees the development of the game. If there are multiple teams working on multiple games then there will be a project manager for each team. The project manager is in charge of assigning group leaders and delegating tasks to all the members in his/her team. Each member should be assigned a job such as programmer, artist, writer, etc.

Eligibility for Voting:

All members that have been participating for 6 weeks can vote.

Voting Procedures:

For club officer positions, voting will take place during club meetings and eligible voters will fill out a ballet with a list of candidates. However, before the voting takes place each candidate will have a chance to speak.

Financial Records:

We will make financial records available to university administrators upon request.

Organizational Structure (Officers):

1 President: Leads meetings and plans events

1 Vice-President: Advisor to President; help lead meetings and plan events

1 Treasurer: Handles funds

Existing officers will review potential candidates for club positions before voting takes place. To run for office you must have been actively participating for at least 10 weeks. You may run for office if that position is empty. An officer can be removed from office (with a valid reason) if there is a 2/3 vote within the current officers. If an officer steps down or is removed from office, an election must take place to refill that position. If there is an open officer position then until that position is filled, the duties will be separated between the existing officers.

Amending Constitution:

A 2/3 vote within officers is required for an amendment to take place.

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