Project 2: Work In Progress

Top-down racing shooter

Version 1.0

Timeline: Fall 2015 (October – Present)

Project 1: From Ashes

From Ashes is a 2D puzzle-platformer and shooter, taking place in a war-torn city in the near future.  The player takes the role of Lilith, a prodigal Rebel soldier, who must take on dangerous missions in order to sway the odds in favor of her side, learning more and more about the effects of the war on all parties involved as she does.

Version 1.0

Timeline: Fall 2014 (October – Present) First club project


Project 0: Snowball Arms

Version 1.0

Timeline: Summer 2014 (June – September) Solo Project.

Approximate Time Spent: 500+ hours

Project Difficulties: Programming network gameplay (time consuming)

Features: Network multiplayer using TCP server/client connection

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